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Barak Ziv arrived in the States for a short trip and after misunderstanding his plane ticket decided to stay. He likes finding quirks in the English language and dark takes on life experiences.
He is also a designer and animator (designmator, if you will), and uses his skills to create funny visuals and comedy posters.
You can usually find him performing and producing shows around New York City, though he had been seen in odd places like South Korea and Tel-Aviv.
2023 - World Series Of Comedy
2022 - Portland Maine Comedy Festival
2021 - New South Comedy Festival
2021 - Salem Comedy and Spirits Festival
2020 - San Diego Comedy Festival



Make Fuse Satire News

No Credits

Suggested credits when booking Barak on a show:

  • "This comic performs all over his apartment."

  • "This comic has been talking to strangers in parks even BEFORE starting doing comedy."

  • "You've seen him testing the speaker/doing a mic check earlier this evening."

  • "He's been on Colbert and Conan! (he preps the lights with the stage union)."

  • "You've seen him before.. if you also live in this neighborhood and buy coffee in the morning."

  • "This comic has been on the late late late late show. In fact, it was a morning show. In front of his family. On zoom. It was a family meeting really."

  • "He performed numerous times at his kindergarten young talent show."

  • "He headlined the BarakZiv Comedy festival."

  • "You've seen him on 'To Catch a Predator' and 'America's most wanted'."

  • "He's a regular at the Cellar (Not the comedy club, that S&M dungeon in Long Island)"

  • "This guy is a great friend of mine (and by great friend I mean I just met him and don’t know what to say about him)."

  • "He just released a new album. It was a photo album of his trip to Kenosha but still, lots of funny moments there."

  • "This guy is very funny, he performs at... wait, that's the next guy. Still, give it up for..."